Gerard Collins-Saint John High School Mural-1973

Hello everyone!

Gerard Collins recently gave me 2 slides depicting a mural that he did on the back wall of the Cafeteria while attending Saint John High School (SJHS) in 1973.

Gerard shared me that the art teacher picked an artist to do a mural every year and in 1973 he was chosen by his teacher to create and display his work for two years. Herb Foley was the art teacher and in 1973 Gerard was 15 years young 😀.

Gerard and I both agreed that this may be of interest to some of his collectors. We have created limited addition print of 50 in total measuring
11 x 14 to be printed on archival paper.

They can be purchased at the studio for $110.00 (framed).

Please message us if interested!

As you can see, even at a young age, Gerard was interested in cityscapes, buildings and streets that makes our city so enchanting.