Miller Gore Brittain

A short film of the life and career of Miller Gore Brittain. Enjoy

Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, in 1912, he painted most of the time in or near that city. He served two tours as a bomb aimer in the Second World War, a copy of William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience tucked in his flack jacket on the run into Germany.Personal, social and religious upheavals were all reflected in his art, in aching, obsessive works that people didn't understand, and much of the time didn't buy, though now they are worth thousands. The film is a reconstruction of the life and career of this misunderstood Maritime painter.

In the Gallery

We are please to offer a selection of Miller’s work in our gallery. This is an amazing opportunity for you to add to your collection. Click on the link below to view this collection.

Miller Gore Brittain

Miller Gore Brittain

We are pleased to present artwork of Miller Gore Brittain from the private collection of Margaret Ann (Ireland) Nagel. This collection presents an unprecedented opportunity to view and acquire a significant work so defining in the art history of Saint John.

Miller’s work is included in important national collections such as the National Gallery of Canada, the New Brunswick Museum, and the the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and in private collections.

Please see the Estate section of the website to preview the available pieces. Contact us to schedule a viewing.